by Mohd Azmi Abd Hamid

We register our strong protest against the recent attacks of Muslims in the Delhi riots.

The report narrated mobs tore through Muslim-majority neighbourhoods in north-east New Delhi, attacking individuals, burning homes, businesses, and places of worship, and targeting victims on religious lines. Officials reported that the death toll since Monday had reached 11 — the deadliest violence in the Indian capital in decades. More than 150 people were injured, including a journalist for the JK24 news channel who was in a serious condition after being shot, according to reports.

The report revealed that Muslims have been brutally murdered and houses looted and burned in the riot. Mosques have been vandalised.

The horrific incident of the mob attack killing a baby when they refuse to allow the mother to safe the baby before burning her house, depicts the dangerous situation escalating in India.

The mob lynching against Muslims which is escalating by the day in India must be condemned in the strongest terms.

We express our strong abhorrence and condemnation to the attacks and killings in the current situation facing the Muslim minority in India.

The chain of events taking place in India currently against the Muslims are creating a dire situation for their safety.

India is moving towards lawlessness by the Hindutva ideology promoted and aggravated by the current hate campaign against Muslims.

The siege of Jammu Kashmir, the verdict on the Babri mosque, the NRC excercise expelling almost 2 million Muslims of their citizenship in Assam, the enacting of the amended Citizenship law targeting Muslims, are some of the incidences that places the Muslims in India in a precarious state.

The rise of the people of India against the Citizenship Law recently , enacted by the BJP government, reflects the people of India are now resisting the targeting of Muslims by Hindu fanatics.

The Indian government is not protecting the Muslims. The attacks have been aggravated by rampant incitement of hatred against Muslims nationwide.

The government of India seems to approve such crimes and supports the hate campaign against Muslims by the RSS , a platform which aggressively promotes the Hindutva ideology.

The farcist BJP government is now threatening the co-existence of religions in India, taking India towards a dangerous path.

We call the OIC and all international Muslim organisations to condemn the atrocities inflicted upon Muslims in India and take necessary steps to call Indian authorities to protect the safety and rights of all the Muslim minority. We demand the government of India to take effective measures to stop the atrocities and the suppressing of religious rights of Muslims.Those responsible to the killings must be held accountable and must be taken to face justice.

Mohd Azmi Abd Hamid

President Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organization (MAPIM)

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