Soft Diplomacy Strengthens Egypt’s Commitment To Uphold Palestinians Human Rights In

In a recent development on unanimity of advocacy for Palestine, Malaysian activists and NGOs voiced their concerns over Egypt’s role in the ongoing Gaza-Israel crisis. Amid the tense situation, an important meeting took place between (Dr.) Sani Araby, the Chief Humanitarian Activist of MAPIM Malaysia, and His Excellency the Egyptian Ambassador to Malaysia, H.E Ragai Nasr, carrying a crucial message of hope shedding light on the issues at hand.

The meeting underscored Egypt’s role in supporting Malaysia’s response to the crisis, emphasising the shared commitment between the two nations. Contrary to certain public perceptions, Egypt has been a longstanding advocate for the Palestinian cause. Its commitment dates back to 1948, with Egypt actively participating in various wars, sacrificing over 106,000 Egyptian lives to safeguard Palestinian rights and reclaim Palestinian territories. Having played a crucial role in negotiating with the Israeli regime, Egypt demonstrates its unwavering commitment to peace and stability in the region.

MAPIM understands that Egypt has consistently kept the crossing between Egypt and Gaza open since October 7th. In fact, it was Israel that destroyed the Gaza side of the crossing, prompting Egyptian engineers to reconstruct the road and enable the safe passage of world humanitarian aid.

During the discussion, HE Ragai explained that Egypt has played an instrumental role in achieving the temporary ceasefire, evidencing its commitment to peace. In addition, the recent successful evacuation of Nour Aini, a Malaysian citizen, and her husband through the Rafah Crossing highlights Egypt’s commitment to the safety and well-being of individuals irrespective of their nationality during times of crisis.

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This demonstration of support firmly underscores the significance of the bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Egypt in times of need.

HE Ragai extended his gratitude to all Malaysians for their unwavering support and humanitarian assistance sent to Palestine. Egypt reaffirms its commitment to supporting Malaysia’s efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza, solidifying the crucial partnership between the two nations.

Operation Ihsan (OPSIHSAN), managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra), has received proactive support from the Egyptian Ambassador. Thanks to the collective efforts of over 50 NGOs and 800 volunteers at the MAPIM Central Warehouse in Sepang, a total of over 100 tonnes of aid have been successfully airlifted to Gaza.

During the meeting, (Dr.) Sani Araby expressed his hope for more robust ties between Malaysia and Egypt in humanitarian coordination, enabling both nations to jointly advocate for human rights and ensure smooth access to Gaza for NGOs. MAPIM applauds the efforts of the HE Ragai, urging Egypt to provide even greater support, particularly in assisting NGOs to reach Gaza and undertaking large-scale post-war projects such as the construction of the Malaysia-Gaza Wakaf City.

MAPIM expressed its aspiration to continue witnessing Egypt’s proactive support for greater access to humanitarian aid to continue to be delivered smoothly, alleviating the suffering and bringing stability to the region. Standing in solidarity with Palestine and working collectively towards a brighter future for all, with MAPIM leading the way.

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