Statement by Palestine Ambassador Regretful – Azmi Abd Hamid

The statement is confusing and creates distrust to the public with those organisations that have dedicated their work on liberating Al Aqsa.

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We regret the unsubstantiated statement by the Palestinian ambassador, Walid Abu Ali that claimed , funds collected for Al Aqsa by Malaysians Ngos do not reach the Baitulmaqdis Wakaf Department of the mosque.

He alleged millions are missing and have not reached the recipient that is the Baitulmaqdis Wakaf Department.

The statement is confusing and creates distrust to the public with those organizations that have dedicated their work on liberating Al Aqsa.

His irresponsible statement gives the impression that the wakaf department are completely in the dark of Malaysian Ngos that regularly visits the mosque and render financial support. .

All this while Malaysian Ngos on Palestine have never been doubted. The relentless effort to render support financially or other wise has gained recognition by many Palestinians both in Gaza and the West Bank.

Without facts, the statement, would seem to many Ngos, as aimed to intentionally portray Ngos in Malaysia as not trustworthy.

We question, is this the way for the ambassador to forge cooperation with respected Muslim nation like Malaysia to build good ties with the civil societies in this country ?

Regretfully the ambassador did not refer back to the Ngos for clarification. Instead he made a damaging statement that will create discord between organizations working for Palestine.

His claim that the Wakaf Departement has not received any financial contribution from Malaysian Ngos, can be proved wrong.

All Ngos work on generally the same procedure of reporting back to the donors and general public. Each organisation has its own documented and verified reports to show deliverence of funds.

The bombshell of alledging no funds received without referring the relevant Ngos is vindictive.

Without a responsible statement, it will create an unhealthy image to Ngos in Malaysia.

This is a malicious move that will create mistrust amongst the civil societies in Malaysia

The Malaysian Ngos engagement with the wakaf department of the AlAqsa Mosque is periodical and will always be intouch with the office.

Not all funds are channeled to the Wakaf Department for verification.

The ambassador’s statement is unacceptable as he is giving a blanket image of Malaysian Ngos working on the issue of Al Aqsa. It is unwise to point a general and negative perception on the Malaysian Ngos who are working on the Palestinian issues.

While Malaysians Ngos are cautious in their function of assisting Palestinians, issuing a statement that funds do not reach the Waqaf department at all is misleading.

We call the ambassador to retract and rectify his statement because if it is found to be malicious then there will be legal consequences.


Press Release
19th Februari 2020

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisation.

MAPIM Malaysia

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