Heliza grieves for Syrian refugee kids facing extreme cold weather

KUALA LUMPUR: In a series of video postings on her Instagram, singer and activist Heliza Helmi recently shared footages showing the hardship faced by Syrian refugees at the camps she visited.

Heliza, 33, wrote in the caption of one of the postings that she and other activists who were on that humanitarian trip could not help but overcame with emotions seeing the refugees, especially children, who also had to withstand the extreme cold weather, sometimes reaching sub-zero temperature.

“When we were leaving one camp to go to another, a child came to us smiling and kept saying ‘Thank you, Malaysia. Thank you, Malaysia’.

“Only God knows how that tugs at our heartstrings. He was very grateful for the blanket we gave him. It was as if he received a roof over his head,” she said.

In the posting, she also called on those who wanted to help, to make their donations to Syria Emergency Appeal (Dana MAPIM).

Credit to NST (Tahir Alhamzah)

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